I hope you aren't implying that only those few are Croatian surnames.

most, not all, but most are Croatian and old while we're at it. Secondly, surnames were started to be recorded in Croatia during Austro-Hungary, not before that, so that's the first time we had a complete list of surnames in Croatia only then and for example most common surname Horvat is to be found where people lost their trace but knew they were Croats so they came into a register as Horvats, among many of those there could have been found people of those names. Most of surnames derive from either "son of", or his work (blacksmit etc.) during the registration.
Gradiščanski Hrvati for example, the ones that escaped from Bosnia and southern Slavonia during the Ottoman invasion to settle in Austria still bear most of the surnames same as most Croats here. Finally those weren't Clans, this isn't highland Scotland ;D…they were nobility and just families, not clans.

No those weren't surnames, but old Croat tribes or clans (12 starohrvatskih plemena) from which the medieval nobility eventually descended, not some nobility or just families, but clans (plemena). The tribes or clans we have are the same thing. As for Scotland ?!? what does Scotland has to do with this topic?. And yes their region were the highlands if you didn't notice. It seems I will have to open a topic myself, unfortunately.

I am disappointed that a Croat knows so little about his ethnogenesis. Surnames are built around patronyms, an Ivanovic or Petrovic can be found all around the Slavic world where there an Ivan and a Petar exist, but the thing that makes you an ethnic Croat is your ancestry from one of the ethnic Croatian tribes furthermore the region they inhabited, regardless of the surname you are bearing.


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