Interesting, the picture says Carniolae Victoria and seems to be from Valvasor's book. Andrej Turjaški was also one of the heroes of that battle, he led the Carniolan and Carinthian forces and is known under the nickname "Carniolan Achilles". Sadly, today Slovenes pay him too little credit for his role in that battle.

There were Styrian troops too (probably lead by Ruprecht von Eggenberg?). On wiki it even says Silesian riflemen. But Carniolan troops consisted by far the main bulk of the force hence Carniolae Victoria on the map.

What do you expect when ppl are fed on only by things like Le vkup, le vkup…. :D Its like you surely know most ppl probably don't know such a battle ever existed. ;D But the battle was commerated by the Slovenian postal service on a stamp and i commeration coin too. But i don't like coin that much it could be way better.