Well it will get better and actually it is happening. Its like ppl like Čehovin got their statues in A-H and later their statues were put down. Just cuz he was A-H man. And now it has been reinstalled. Since we were under ideology which promotes social class warfare ofc. its natural such things happened. But false concepts from 19th century are also to blame. The old sensless rethoric like hlapci (i'd make sence to call us kajžarji but even that would still be just generalisation) still serves useful for political purposes, etc. ofc. but these things will vanish gradualy. :)

Ok idk maybe you already put him up but since i mentioned him, i add some pics of Andrej pl. Čehovin;

I think I brought Čehovin up once before, but I'm not sure, nevermind …

I think things here will become better only after the last of the partisans and the last commies will die. I have nothing against partisans, they're well respected here in Styria, but I dislike communism just like fascism or similar. It is really sad as our history by far isn't that poor as we think today. First the Germans were denying it too us, then the commies and now we continue in it ourselves.

Cankar in my opinion was a fool. He saw us in a unreal light as even then we had all social classes, not only kmeti (or hlapci as he'd put it) thought they'd be the most numerous for a reason … It seems as we just like to think of ourselves as worth a bit less than others, kinda our national fetish or something …