I fully support the return of the original Belarussian coat of arms and the White-Red-White flag, this Soviet-crap makes me sick.

Wilkolak, what do you think of the Grand Principality or Duchy of Lithuania or Litva? Was it originally today's Lithuanian or Belarusian state? I started to interest into it and I read articles mainly from 2 points of view – the Lithuanian and Belarusian one. Lithuanians say the Duchy of Lithuania was ethnically their state and they conquered and joined Belarus. On the other hand Belarusians say the Principality of Litva had important Slavic attributes – the capital was Navahrudak, a city southwesterly from Minsk; official language was Old Belarusian /called Ruthenian/ first of all; Belarusians, called Litvini then, conquered today's Lithuania (before called  Samogitia – Jamoitia, Zhmudz') and joined it to Litva (Belarus) later etc etc…

I mostly subscribe to the Belarussian point of view. In my opinion Great Litva can best be described as joint state of Litvins (Belarussians) and Samogitians (Lithuanians). Of course Belarussian Litvins were the main contributors and the dominating people, since they were far larger in numbers but Samogitian Lithuanians also had their share.


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