Again that Hun invasion.. Invasion of the Huns happened in the 5. century, learn it please finally! :D

Oh i when reffering this do mean by Hun=Magyar. Sure, Moravia fell to Magyar invasion, thought i find Magyars to be a later transformation of tribe originally first known as Huns.

And that is the biggest mistake you can do. First of all, only Szekelys in Romania are considered to be descendants of the Huns, not Magyars. The only thing proto-Magyars and Huns had in common, was similar martial style – and this said a Magyar friend of mine. You see, that is enough for Magyars to consider themselves as Huns.

Invasion of Huns = 5th century.
Invasion of proto-Magyars = 10th century (907 Battle of Bratislava).

Almost 500 years is pretty difference.

… so again. The name Sloveni is written into Proglas, it's linked to the inhabitants of the core of Greater Moravia, not to any people around them. That's why I am Slovenka. Prince Rastislav in the 9. cent.  said to the Byzantium's ruler: We, Sloveni, the simple folk… Is it an identity? I guess so. Names of another tribes are not known, so it's only a hypothesis for this region. Ok see you later, I'm going home :)

It is an identity, but not a national one but rather an ethnic one  ;)

I said it too in my previous post :)

Posted: by: Svätoslava Posted on: May 19, 2011, 02:45:48 PM
Speaking of nations in that time would be a nonsense. Lets say of ethnics.