@Svätoslava – Interesting, I didn't know Nitra was principality. If it was, then this is first Slovak state indeed. Why name Slovakia, though? Why didn't they keep original name of Nitra though? Just asking, I am not well read on this topic very much.

That's why I'm here to represent Slovakia and its history  8)  And I expect that from all of you to get knowledges of your lands and nations.
Yes, it was, moreover in Nitra was built the oldest (known) church in the middle Europe and in Slavic countries at the same time, consecrated in 830 AD by Salzburg bishop Adalram. However Prince Pribina didn't accept Christian faith, he was pagan. :)
Nitra is a river and a city, why Slovakia and not Nitrava.. well it's stuff for another topic another time, ok? :)

Posted by: Dervan
Svätoslava on May 20, 2011, 02:40:57 PM
How could it be Czech state when Czechs fought against it with help of Franks?
Hehe, don't ask me, rather historians who claim it.

I ask you, dear Dervan, because we are discussing, not? :D