Another Slovak movie that we will see in the future.

[size=12pt]Slovanská epopej / Slavic Epopee[/size]


In Europe of antique times the forces of the nature are the same unpredictable as acts of people. Life and death, battle and peace, Heaven and Hell, they are so close to each other they merge in one. And events between the Heaven and the Earth can be real and miraculous at the same time.

The major subject is the prince Svätopluk and his journey from hostage till he becomes the king of the Great Moravia and by uniting the Slavic tribes he builds the third most powerful empire of Europe. So the first Slavic kingdom under his government becomes a model example for the other Slavic tribes from the middle of Europe throughout Balkan till Kiev Russia. This Slavic empire significantly affected the historical development of Europe and its formation.

From those times the Slavs under head of different nations continue in maintaining a leading position in Europe.

In the 9th century AD the Europe of Heathens is obsessed with the desire for power.  ::)  On one side the mighty empire of Franks under leadership of the king Ludwig and his son Karloman, on the other side Rastislav and Svätopluk, the princes of a small Slavic country in middle Europe, which soon becomes stronger and will stand up against the power of the Franks. The rationality of the politician and thinker Rastislav is confronted with the violence of the leader Svätopluk and each of their characters has positives and negatives.

The darkness of the heathenness is suddenly interrupted by the light from Soluň, Greece … lol ::)  two priests, two brothers. Konstantin and Method are bringing the Christianity to the Slavs from the Byzantine Empire. And also the language, literature, liturgy and the new spirit to wild residents of the antiquity. This alphabet called Cyrillic (actually Glagolitsa  ::) ) was the first especially created for the unique sounds of the Slavic language and is still used in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia.

Concept arts :


Loraine cross written on his belt ::)  ::)  ::)


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The same doubts about the content of the movie as in case of previous movie.