Heh yeah :) there are many examples of original words interpreted in other way. We can understand their meaning quite well, but their roots are sometimes totally different, like e.g. a name of castle Lietava would mean that the castle could fly, but its original name was Litwa or Lethawa derived from name of Goddess Lada.

A different interpretation is suggested by the Hungarian name "Lukácsbanya", i.e. "Luke's Mine", which is also the meaining of Slovak "Banja Luka".

A mine was the first, that I had imagine within the context of Banja Luka. Baňa means a mine and there are cities and villages with this name like Banská Bystrica, Banská Štiavnica, Nová Baňa, Banský Studenec etc. Slovak mines were the most important for the whole Kingdom of Hungary. Is or was there in Banja Luka a mine?