Our Capital Zagreb/Agram was originally a two separate cities. The one on the hill below the mountain Sljeme was called Gradec (meaning little city) while the one under was later being populated during the Ottoman wars…eventually the Gradec and the lower part merged together in one large city and later there is a legend that it got name Zagreb because when our Ban Jelačić was marching to one battle he asked a young girl to grab him a bit of water from the well Manduševac (grab = Zagrabiti on Croatian) and thus the name comes from, Zagrabiti(grab)=Zagreb, in memory of that event. Agram is how Germanics called this Croatian city and thus the town in Germanic lands was known as Agram, but even many native locals called it Agram. Today both names are used.

The second largest city, Split in Dalmatia, he got his name from bananasplit… j/k :D it dates way back in the time of Greeks, it was a little Greek colony, then being overrun by Romans and Illyrians, and on end being invaded and conqured by Slavs till this day. Name was Spalatos .