Looks great :D

Yeah, it does thought i have never been on that fest actually, unfortunately of course… there's actually load of such festivals across Croatia but i just don't have the time to catch them all up, and i'd like to take a pic or two…

Hell, i live 30 mins for Samobor and yet i have never been on our most famous medieval fest held there ffs :D i suck… but once when i come with my beard and my highland bagpipes i'll rock the place with style :D

Interesting that Croats celebrate all elements of their roots, be it Slavic, Germanic or Celtic, as I have seen on this forum (also Sarmatism was practiced in history). Shows good awareness of one's roots and that blod is thicker than water.

Here in Poland, there are also some Germanic traditions practiced (Sarmatism was also once practiced), but to my knowledge, no Celtic ones (though only Silesia was once Celtic land). Perhaps I make thread about other European traditions practiced by Slavs, would be interesting thread.

Yes, interestingly among Slavic countries Sarmatism concept among nobility was mostly upheld and lived by Poles, Croats and Muscovy :)

"Sarmatism greatly affected the culture, lifestyle and ideology of the Polish nobility. It was unique for its cultural mix of eastern, western and native traditions. Sarmatism considerably influenced the noble cultures of other contemporary states — Moldavia, Transylvania, Habsburg Hungary and Croatia, Wallachia and Muscovy."

all Croatian uniforms of the time were pure form of Sarmatism, as you can see in the video:
Opera is "U boj, u boj"(to battle, to battle) by Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Croatian battlecry that was used in wars against Turks. Anyway, you can see the Sarmatian styled uniforms which Croats used in that time, they look magnificent.

More Croatian uniforms of that time, as well with obvious Sarmatism:

[img width=700 height=464]http://www.ofm.hr/zupa_cakovec/wp-content/vukovar/05-misa-za-poginule.jpg” />