Other Sloveni were assimilated by Magyars and partly Romanians. The remnants of Szlávok may be found in today's name of Croatia's region Slavonia. Therefore I'm not very big fan of theory Slovaks and Slovenians were one tribe before the Magyar's invasion in 10th century. Slovenians are clearly identified as different ethnic group Carantanians even before the invasion in many sources. I'd rather say they were closer in Samo's Empire in 7th cent., but not such close in 9th – 10th cent any more (what's your opinion?).

Not really, Slavonia i.e. that region was called Pannonian Croatia, only later due to unification of two Croat dutchys under King Tomislav the region had to be renamed and was called officially Slavonia.

Thank you for info as well as correction. Why had it been renamed to Slavonia? On the basis of what?