Please, Wilkolak, if you know some active link for downloading Stara Baśń movie, send me. I watched it, it's good.

Rus iznachalnaya

"For those who loves history movies must see this one. Action occurs in VI century,on the sunset of the Roman empire .

Film narrates about the first victories of the Slavs above the nomads, and then combined by an ancient Russians tribes headed by By Ratibor by the son Of Vseslava,above Byzantium.

In the first part of film shows the attack Of khazars on one of the Russian cities.After attack the leader of this city decides that Russian tribes necessary to make a union against khazars, otherwise the enemies will not stop. He calls council, the part of the tribes to agrees to help him others doesn't.

In the second part Russian tribes fighting with the khazars and defeating them, earlier they makes peace agreement with the Byzantium butt the Byzantium betrayed them so the tribes decides to attack them to and and they seize Konstantinopol the capital of the empire."