Excellent video, Pentaz! I would like to see this documentary as well sometime.

I assume from what I see is Slavic tribes first at war with Celt-Illyrians, then later after Christianization against Avars and then finally against Turks, or do I see it wrong?

BTW Wasn't there some movie also coming out from Croatia about history of Croatian people? I think you posted it on SF once.

That's the one i posted, thought it finally now going to be released, it's a movie-documentary. Anyway, i don't know for that first fighting, it might be some inter-Slavic conflict because i doubt it was with celto-Illyrians because Croats were called as help from a Roman Emperor to take and settle this land and defend it from Avars so the Celto-Illyrian <-> Slavic meeting was friendly. I have no idea who is in the first battle scene, will see when it comes out, i'm sure there will be uploads on internet so i'll pass it to you friend!