Rusin is also much older than term Ukrainian, and it's somehow silly to name your nation "Border land" (Ukrajina).

"Srbija" is such a silly name for a nation…how about you call yourself "Orthodox Croats", "Eastern Croats" or "Western Bulgarians" from now on?  :P

They do that to avoid name "Little Russia".

I rather call myself "Khokhol" than "Little Russian".

Anyway, Rusins should be recognized by Ukraine, when they didn't embrace Ukrainian ethnicity.

I personally recognize the Rusyns and I would give autonomy to them or at least the chance to perserve their culture. But first Germans need to give freedom or autonomy to Lusatian Sorbs, Muscovia must give us the Kuban region which was predominantly Ukrainian for ages before Muscovia russified the population by force, Romania must give us the predominantly Ukrainian parts of southern Bukovina and Moldova should be split between Romania and Ukraine: Romanian parts to Romania, Ukrainian parts to Ukraine. And Muscovia should also free the Slavic nations it occupied for centuries, e.g. Novgorod Republic. If we start the "free oppressed Slavs"-thing (which has my full support), we do it consistently.


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