"Srbija" is such a silly name for a nation…how about you call yourself "Orthodox Croats", "Eastern Croats" or "Western Bulgarians" from now on?  :P

Yeah, we should try it  :D
Sorry if that sounded harsh, but what about your ancient Rus' name? Is that unpopular among Ukrainian people?
Since "Ukraine" means border (of some other country).


I also apologize for getting you wrong  :)
If I would rename Ukraine I would name it "Ruthenia", that would include both Ukrainians and Carpathian Rusyns and it's also the historically correct term for Ukraine.
Rus' is not unpopular among us since Rus' was the first Ukrainian state to exist, but Muscovites stole the term Rus' from us and use it as excuse for their imperialism by pretending that present-day Russia is the successor of the ancient Rus'. "Russia" has nothing to do with ancient Rus', in fact, Kievan duke Sviatoslav sold the ancestors of nowadays "Russians" as slaves :D


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