I should write this to begin:

We Rusyns (although I am Slovak, I have partially Rusyn ancestry) are culturally quite different from Ukrainians. The Ukrainian culture revolves more around Cossack traditions. Ukrainian folk songs tend to be more sad or at least melancholic. There is also a certain consciousness of a common history.
While Rusyns are typical Central Europeans of Carpathian "style". Whole culture is more lively, but also more "scattered"; Rusyns people have only weak ethnic consciousness – this is typical for villagers in isolated valleys, shepherds and lone-dwellers (families not forming a village, but a chain of lonely farms, houses and salashes – shepherd houses). There is also an extreme (really) conservatism, almost no will to unite and wage wars (fortunately). This lack of any ethnic unity also causes the historic consciousness to be weak.
These ethnic traits are typical for Slovaks, too – just look at our problems with Hungarian nationalism.

As for a Rusyn national state, I think it is not possible. Areas inhabited by Ruthenians are:
– too sparsely populated
– too ethnically mixed
– too poor
– without infrastructure
– devoid of intelligence (lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc. – who will lead and run the state?).

Also, there often cannot be drawn clear line between Rusyns and Ukrainians, but neither Rusyns and Slovaks. For example the Rusyn dialect spoken in Vojvodina, Serbia (Bačka dialect) is almost identical to Zemplín and Šariš dialects of Slovak language. Which are spoken roughly in the same territory where Rusyns was, or is still spoken.


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