I am Greek Catholic.


My family is mostly Slovak, Rusyn and Polish – no Ukrainians. Pwned? :D

P. S.
In real life nobody cares about who is Orthodox, Greek Catholic or Calvine, so stop freaking.

When you have Rusyn blood you have Carpathian Ukrainian blood so saying you have no Ukrainians in your family is not exactly correct ;)
I do not understand why some Rusyns insist on not being Ukrainian. Come on guys, what's so horrible about it?

The Ukrainians only started using Ukrainian as an ethnicity in the 1890's if I remember correctly. Just because the Muscovites took the Russian name(although technically they didn't because they named their country Rossija which is the greek version of saying Rus) it doesn't excuse us Ukrainians from changing our ethnic name, its stupid and it causes too much national-identity confusion. Ukraine needs to take on the name of Rus, because the new generation of Ukrainians are confused about their national identity. I only hate it because of the confusion of ethnic identity among the eastern Slavs.

Personally I think the eastern Slavs should reconstruct the Old Rus language that was used before the split of Ukraine/Russia/Belarus. But Rossijani are too proud and chauvinistic for that, the majority of them, so its very hard to do this. I try to keep a positive optimistic state of mind on the matter and I hope that one day we will get worthy leaders who will reunite our people. & once we have settled these silly issues we can move on to more important things, like a union with Slav nations and then a Aryan-European unity.