Personally I think the eastern Slavs should reconstruct the Old Rus language that was used before the split of Ukraine/Russia/Belarus. But Rossijani are too proud and chauvinistic for that, the majority of them, so its very hard to do this. I try to keep a positive optimistic state of mind on the matter and I hope that one day we will get worthy leaders who will reunite our people. & once we have settled these silly issues we can move on to more important things, like a union with Slav nations and then a Aryan-European unity.

Unified Old Rus language may never existed, there were bit different eastern Slavic dialects, after the transition to Christianity was spread the Church Slavic language.  To speak about reconstruction of ancient language is a same like to suggest Romanians, Spanish and Italian people to use Latin language in their life.

Concerning chauvinism, Russians aren't the most chauvinistic people among Eastern Slavs, unfortunately many of us live in old times and want union with Ukraine and Belarusia, average Russian is more friendly toward Ukrainians than average Ukrainian toward Russians. Personally, I don't agree with such views, we don't need any union with other countries who live at our expense, hate us and always call us "occupiers". We're different people in many sences, Russia needs the Russian government, strong economy and army, if other eastern Slavs wanna be friends with everyone except Russians, it's their choice, somebody has to serve Europe and to be a cannon fodder in American wars. Every nation has the right to self-determination, IMHO Crimea and Rusyns have right to independence.