They do not want independence necessarily, but at least a cultural and religious autonomy in states in which they now live, and thusly end to ukrainization, slovakization and romanization.

In my views, separation of Rusyns is the best method to keep their purity of blood from mixing with Crimea tatars, georgians, turks, armenians, jews, and other black minorities, coz i don't see any power or movement in Ukraine which would be able to throw out migrants. On the contrary, Ukrainian nationalists see the principal enemy in Russians only. Chance of separation for Rusyns is very small, but if they will  request an independence then they will have a chance to create the autonomy, in the case of demands for some legislative autonomy only, they will not get anything. Also the autonomous status of Crimea does not save native Russian population of this region from the violent ukrainization and islamization.


Results of such polls depend from the method and question of poll, most importantly, from the region of Ukraine. I guess, if a similar survey was conducted in the western regions, their results would have broken the record of moscow synagogue  :). As I said, the most of Russians don't hate your people, they still believe in naive "brotherhood", decline in the popularity of your country caused by actions of your governments and probably by TV propaganda in Russia.