As I said several pages back, most western Ukrainians considered themselves Rusyn / Ruthenian in the 1880s but abandoned the idea.  Of course, since this was a period of emmigration in Galicia, you had tons of 'Rusyn' who emmigrated to America and sometimes Slovakia and never dropped the idea.  The Ukrainian nation emerged as an economic and military bloc to avoid integration into Russia.  The Ruthenian concept was dismissed because everyone knew that a small nation consisting of Lviv, Volhynia and Subcarpathia couldn't survive against smaller regional entities like Hungary / Poland, let alone Russia.

Not a very successful bloc.  The Ukrainian National Republic was flattened like a house of cards by the Soviet Union and the current contemporary Ukraine in Europe is the (largest) poorest country in Europe.  Culturally, my opinion through relatives in both Canada and Ukraine, the current Ukraine is simply like Italy, the 'Western' half being like Northern Italy (a part of Central Europe), whereas the 'Eastern' Ukraine is simply equally out of place similiar to Southern Italy (Eastern Ukraine used to be a part of Golden Horde and Crimean Khanate for centuries and simply has less European influence than say Lviv, Riga or St. Petersburg).