I joined this forum today, in hopes of finding more information about Rusyns.  So far, I've found this post which has the same squabbles as everything else on the internet.

Unfortunately, we as Slavs are at a point in time where no matter how much we want things to be different from our past, it isn't. We can't be mad at "Slavs" who were just communist traitors and helped pit us against each other.  Yes, we've done each other wrong in the past, but let's try to put our differences aside and make the future of our ethnicities better.

We'll never truly know the real relationship between ethnicities in some cases because recorded to not exist that far back or have been hidden, destroyed, or changed to benefit someone's personal agenda.

I grew up in the US thinking I was Polish-Ukrainian on my father's side (Scottish on my mom's). I'm not full-blooded Slav but I connect with my Slavic heritage the most. Most say I look Slavic over anything, too. So I guess it helps. I live in Serbia now. I found out about 3.5 years ago I wasn't Polish-Ukrainian but that I was Rusyn. This opened my eyes to so many things I'd never been taught or even considered when it came to Slavs.  Living in Serbia now for 2.5 hours has brought many more things to my attention.

If we all had properly recorded history, it still wouldn't change how things are today. So why do we continue to bitch about it all.  We're all brothers and sisters.  I've read so many theories about the origin or many Slavic ethnicities that my brain can't keep them straight.  Some of them make much more sense than others, but there still isn't proof.  And what proof we have has been tampered with my non-Slavs and Communist traitors.

I've gone off topic completely now. But I do hope one day, we'll stop bitching at each other and instead learn to embrace each other and our differences and similarities that make us Slavs of which we should be proud.

Anyway.. I hope this post will evolve into more information on Rusyns and our culture and traditions than the never-ending disputes of histories, borderlines, and other bullshit that we can't change.



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