Beautiful photos, I hope to visit by next summer.  do you think that  the youth shifting to a Ukrainian identity is due to the communist era forcing this or is because of travel or cultural influence of Ukraine?

Honestly? I think it's because of both, but Rusyns weren't minority in ČSSR either. But as you can see, Slovakia has highest population of Rusyns (according to wiki), they are free to be as Rusyn as they want, but in Ukraine…I won't say they are oppressed, but the whole thing about being Rusyn is basically erased (if you don't count language, their traditions etc.) it's just something like part of Ukraian tradition.
That's another thing, their "Rusyness" isn't 100% dead. They consider themeselves as Ukraians, they are fans of Ukraian football representation (…) but they resist to speak Ukraian and I never heard it in there. If yes, probably only by milicioners (when they work)


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