Would think it's very similar.  I don't argue about the Rusyn/Ukrainian difference,  the people,  language and culture is closely connected. 

Sounds similiar to this
Закарпаться мова ))….360.mp4

Well, as I said before they consider themeselves as Ukraians. They don't even think that they are not, but most of the time, they rather call themeselves "Zakarpatci", but still as part of Ukraian nation.
People still speak Rusyn.
Funny thing is that they don't know (or don't like?) Ukraian anthem.
Overall, they are poor, but nice and kind people.
Their dialect of Rusyn is really similiar to Slovak language, I understand it very well.
Most of people are orthodox or greco-catholic, only small part of them is roman-catholic (And these salute themeselves "Slava Isosu Christu")
But they saved a lot of their traditions (For example, when someone dies, body has to stay in house for 3 days and at night there must be someone with it, 3+people)
And one more thing. I go there for like 10 years, but I've never seen Rusyn flag.


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