I don't think Rusyns out of Ukraine have some identity issues or crysis, since for example here, they are recognized as minority(+They can from year 1995 use their language officially, and there are schools for them) and same in many countries, like Romania.
Rusyns are in many things similiar to us, they assimilate really quickly.

I think they have same thing as we had 200-300 years ago- they are not united, they speak different dialects and don't use official form. +They live in different countries, obviously.
For example their speak in comparison to Ukraian has "G" (At least in Subc. Rus)

NOt as they don't know who they are or anything, but more in the aspect of it seems like those outside of Rusyn areas are the ones screaming for justice of unsaid atrocities to Rusyns in all these countries – especially Ukraine.


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