I see guys that ,some of you gived up on the subject of Slavonic Runes and Prilwitz idols. So maybe I’ll add something to the subject.
When those idols were found ,they were automatically considered “germanic” and nobody even thought about talking of fraud. When it came out that those runes are totally different and statues have no link to the germanic mythology they were authomatically treated as fraud even though their examination went positive. They were in a condition that is impossible to artifically achieve even today!
Another thing is that there were pretty big differences between the runes ,the way of writing them and of the period those idols were even created.
And the most interesting thing now. Polish researcher (there were also Russian and other people who did this or tried to do) who wrote a book “Slavonic runes have spoken” discovered that those idols that are amazingly old and have straight links to Summerian mythology THAT WAS NOT KNOWN IN THE TIMES WHEN THOSE IDOLS WERE FOUND!
Summerian influence is probably a part of some early Scythian ,Sarmatian presence.
Also there are many facts that are silenced by “germanic” dominated science doctrine.
For example those “viking stones” in America. Some of those runes are totally not Scandinavian and appear to be like a Slavonic admixture. What more ,those stones ,never understood before came out to be a description of how to get to a gold mine they’ve found.
As we know viking is a trade not an ethnicity and there were numerous Slavonic vikings ,also Slavic settlement in Scandinavia or even Iceland (before Norwegians) is already a scientifically aknowledged fact.
Many artifacts were readed and for example we have even a nice poetry found written in (probably) Common Slavonic language.
There are numerous findings from many different centuries that contain Slavonic runes and never were proven as falsifications. Simply scientists prefer to ignore them. Science is saddly very stagnant thing. We already know that Uran (if I recall correctly) is not a planet but we still learn at school that it is. We already know that Neanderthals were very similar to modern Europeans and that were super smart and strong but at school we learn about ape-like animals that we should despise.
Also about the word “Runes”. There is no ethymology in germanic languages for the word “rune”. It have artificial explanation that it suppuosely ment “mystery” but its just a wishfull thinking.
In thesame time “Runa” or “Runo” is a common word in Slavonic languages ,in Polish it even has few meanings. One of them is “all that is on the ground in forest” and another “the skin with fur”. The first thing you would use to write in those times would be stick and ground. Furs are also a good material for writing ,especially to give your “werewolf” costume a magical abilities. West Slavic Rugians were known of using werewolf costumes (wolfhead helmets and furs).
I have some nice materials on the matter and I’ll share them with you guys soon I hope. I’ll put them in Polish and then translate at least partially to english.


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