It's the first time in history that a country admires so much its conqueror.

Yes, and the country is Greece.
338. BC Philip II. of Macedonia defeats the Greeks at Chaeronea. Philip II. is the father of Alexander of Macedonia, therefore Macedonians conquered Greeks.

Today's Egypt is Arab, and it wasn't when pyramids were built. Still Egyptians claim that ancient culture of the Nile is theirs to inherit. If the history say's  Alexander to be of Macedonia then today's Macedonians have the right to inherit his deeds and name.

nope, the country that i am talking about is paionia ;)

"I praise the Gods because I was born Greek"

Alexander the great

Alexander was macedonian, Leonidas was dorian, Pyrrus was epirot etc. but, after all, all of them were Greeks.

I have already explained our requests, we have not any problem to recognise that this country is slavised and not slavic (if they don't want to be slavs and i still can not understand the reason), but still this country was never macedonia


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