What is Balkan culture?

These countries posses Hellene, Roman (and Illyrian), Dacian, Tharacian, Bulgar, Slavic, Germanic culture mixture.

Croatia is on example in Dalmatian area and Istria was mostly under Illyrian and Roman, then Slavic, then Austrian cultural influence thus it's culturally something like that, while rest of Croatia is typically 100% Slavic with slavic cousin, slavic village look, slavic stock people, and was influenced by Austro-Hungary a lot thus larger cities as Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, Otočac, Vukovar have such architecture so it's like a mixture of Slavic-Germanic culture. Slovenians have a similar story.

So i'm not sure, what is Balkan culture? the area was never actually even viewed as one singular region, it is only after the war with Turks it is named like that and made as one region by word-wide knowing. The land where we on example live was always known as Panonnia, and it was home to Celto-Illyrians. 


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