Thanks for this info! ;) Anyway please tell me how different is Novgorodian from others? I mean differences in accent, words, etc.

Povhec, Novgorodian dialect was largley assimilated in standard Russian, I allready read articles from wikipedia before posting here. :)

Novgorodian dialects were spoken in Novgorodian and St. Petersburg gubernatories. Thoday that dialects significantly changed, but some caracheristics are saved. Most archaic are dialects of Borovich,Lyubitin, Hvoyin, Pest and Moshen region.That characteristics could be sumarized in this statments:
    Regardless of качества next consonants  ["closed e"] sometimes was pronounced as [и] i, and today that archaism is preserved in  pronouciation of certain letters.
    A between soft consonats do not change in e (грязь) -> gryazj not gryezj
    Labial consonants on end of the word are usually hard ([сем], [голуп], [любоф])
    Affricats in majority of speaches were differently pronounced, usualy like hard ([мисец], [чыстой])
    Ending -ого is pronounced as  [в] (доброво, dobrovo)
    Genitive abd dative forms in plural of nouns and and pronouns are same (по своим ногам, шёл своим ногам).
Ilymene Slovene are not extinct group it is tribe where Rus' started. :) There were two forms of our common name. Slavs in Serbian are Словени, in Ukrainian Словяни, in Macedonian it is also Словени.Proto-Slavic disintegrated in middle of 7th century, in end of 9th Slavic languages were still mutualy inetligable.


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