Thanks for this info! ;) Anyway please tell me how different is Novgorodian from others? I mean differences in accent, words, etc.

The dialects in different regions of Russia have been converging to the standard. The dialect in the city of Veliky Novgorod wouldn’t be much different from Pskov and St Petersburg. The dialect in villages has been preserved better.

I don’t know much about the dialect of Veliky Novgorod oblast’, so I searched and I found a lengthy discussion on this subject on Veliky Novgorod forum. http://forumnov.com/index.php?showtopic=214047
People on the forum think their dialect is similar to dialects of other major cities but outsiders claim that they can hear the difference. How the dialect in Veliky Novgorod is different nobody is quite sure. Sometime you can hear other people speak differently but you are not quite sure how it is different.
Some suggested that  in Veliky Novgorod people talk fast while prolonging some consonants. Whatever that can mean. ) There are some examples of words and expressions people use. The expressions are different from the standard Russian but common to other dialects.

There is some information in wikipedia on the dialect in Veliky Novgorod. Thanks to Dalibor for translating this text.

Another interesting information I found when I researched on Lusatian Sorbs is that linguists analysed around 300 birch-barks ( used in Novgorod republic for writing) found near the city of Veliky Novgorod  suggested that the region was likely to be settled by western Slavs – Bodrichi, Polabian Serbs and other tribes. Initially, it was considered that Pskov oblast' and Veliky Novgorod oblast' (historic Novgorod republic region) was settled by Slavs from the lower reaches of Dnepr. This information was published in the regional newspaper of Veliky Novgorod oblast’ .


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