Illyrians lived just in small part of Albania. Interesting, there is no proof for Illyrian origin, They have pretty small ammount of so called Illyrian halogroup. There is small ammount of Greek loanwords. Basically, it is pretty outdated theory.

We can only guess what is the so called Illyrian Haplogroup. There was a discussion here you may find interesting.

If speaking of Illyrians, they were extinguished 200 BC, romanised and integrated in the Roman society, around 600 AD (800 years after) that Roman population was once again extinguished by the then comming Slavs, slavicised and integrated in the Slavic society (some preserved their ethnos namely the Vlachs). Albanians were first mentioned in around 1200 AD which is 1400 years after Illyrians were conquered and extinct, they may be in genetic relation, if we knew what Illyrian genes were (we don't however, there are only theories), nonetheless claiming Illyrian culture after more than a millenia of non-existent continuity is absurd.

    [li]If talking of ethnos, if there is no continuity of culture, heritage and tradition that identify that ethnos, there can also be no relation to it, regardless of did a part of the folk develope or not develope from that former culture.[/li]


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