That point is arguable, like mentioned in the discussion I directed you towards. They are surely a part of the genetic pool, however read the discussion.

Do not worry about off-topics that much, there are moderators whose job is to take care of that, discussions are prone to evolve in different directions.

Cvetinov, we are their descendants. There is nothing to argue there. That discussion is only about is I2 Slavic or Illyrian (it is Y-DNA halogroup, ie paternal line). It is just about of second most widespread paternal halogroup among modern Slavs. Is that Illyrian ancestry or it is just mutation of some Slavic halogroups.  And, for more decisive researches we need more substantial reseaches. If you compare research methods doen in India with those used to research us you would laugh. They had more samples in each Indian city than in Ex-Yu (23, 000 000 population is still more than any Indian city)


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