There is a lot to argue, since Illyrians were extinguished 800 years before Slavs came to the peninsula. Like mentioned, they are the part of the gene pool, as well as they were the part of the Roman gene pool we assimilated. Illyrians and Illyricum are two different things. One is an ancient culture, the other a Roman region inhabited by romanised citizens, Romans, which was named after that ancient culture which once resided there. Illyrian mambo-jambo is a reminiscence on romantic nationalism of former pan-slavists, that needed an umbrella term to unite the South-Slavs under one word, they took the name of the former Roman province, in the same manner Sqiptars took the former Roman region Albania for their denomination. South Slavs are related to Illyrians in the same manner as other Slavs are related to Gauls, Celts, Dacians, Thracians, in other words, yes they were here somewhere for almost a millenia before we arrived, but who the f'ck cares.

Cvetinov, there is nothing wrong to be blend of Slavs and Illyrians. Other Slavic people also assimilated lot of other people. (Goths, Paleo Europans, Iranians, Finno-Ugric etc). Slavic element prevailed in us. For more definite claims, I would wait for some serious genetic researches, because we now offten have contradictory researches about same population.


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