Cvetinov, there is nothing wrong to be blend of Slavs and Illyrians. Other Slavic people also assimilated lot of other people. (Goths, Paleo Europans, Iranians, Finno-Ugric etc). Slavic element prevailed in us. For more definite claims, I would wait for some serious genetic researches, because we now offten have contradictory researches about same population.

Not stating it is wrong, but I noticed much of mythomania built around this, rather unimportant group. Which when portrayed rationally were extinct, assimilated, romanised long before we came to the peninsula (800 years before). For that we can also take Goths which existed here after the Illyrians, after the Romans , and shortly before Slavs, making them more related to us than Illyrians.

[img height=300]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/Europe_526.jpg/777px-Europe_526.jpg” />


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