Well, we allready chose one group for our identity and that is Slavic. Illyrian is second most importnant, then Celtic then Germanic, etc. But we are Slavs.

I didn’t want to jump in your discussions  but I will agree with you. We speak Slavic languages, we have Slavic culture, we feel being Slavs and that’s all it matters.

Slavs moved around central and eastern Europe assimilating different ethnical groups. It happened 1000 years ago and more recently. I was accused on this forum before for loving gypsies. I like blonds and like how Slavs in Eastern Europe with light brown hair and fair skin look, I am one them, but if our ancestors assimilated Illyrians, Goths, Finns or Normans in the north, who cares. It’s been a long time ago.

I never understood the hype surrounding haplogroups. A haplogroup provides a piece of information obtained from Y-chromosome on male lineage. There are 23 pairs from each parent that makes up human genome. The fact that someone carries R1a does not make this person look more or less Slav. The physical appearance is determined by many genes from human genome.


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