Swata once told me that one genetic "research" found out that Czech's have more pre-Slavic blood in themself than post-Slavic blood. This dosent sound wierd to me since Slavic expansion was usualy small warrior tribes establishing control over previous population and assimilating them.

Povhec there is no Slavic blood, by that method Russians have the most Slavic blood, since most Slavs are Russians. Assimilation is extinguishment, the moment you assimilate a culture, that culture seizes to exist, it loses its continuity, which blood they had is irrelevant. Slavs became the vast sea they now are, because of assimilation. It is documented, that Slavs assimilated their conquered ones, rather than eradicated them. What makes a Slav, Slav, was not his genome, but his will to assimilate others into his corpus.


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