You cannot choose a group, ok let's be Sumerians, and say we built the oldest civilisation, that is I beg your pardon Dalibor, bullcrap (yes there are close nations that build their identity upon such a method, nonetheless wouldn't got further into the discussion). The tradition, culture, and heritage you inherit, you do not choose, no continuity BEEP you lose, should have fought preserving it. Why the Illyrian group should be the most important, not because it is, hell that group got extinguished 800 years before the arrival of the Slavs, you had Romans, you had Celts, you had Goths, Langobards, Gepids etc. after that, but because of the Illyrian Revival, that needed an umbrella term encompassing all South-Slavs that isn't bearing any connotation like Roman, Goth etc. did bear.

I never proclaimed myself to be anything by Slav, but by all probability I have blood of all European meta-etnicities in me (Slavs, Germans, Celts, Romance, Paleo-Balkans). From what we know Summerians were black, Indo-Aryans came there after Summerian extinction. I just told shiptars are not Illyrians. Illyrains asimilated in Slavs, and that is all. We are Slavs, by culture by blood by anything else. But dont go in simplifications, our cultures have lot of elemnts from all oter cultures we interacted over millenias. 
Illyrian movement was pan-Slavic, they mistakenlly believed Illyrians were Slavs. I really dont see what is point of discussion.


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