I never proclaimed myself to be anything by Slav, but by all probability I have blood of all European meta-etnicities in me (Slavs, Germans, Celts, Romance, Paleo-Balkans). From what we know Summerians were black, Indo-Aryans came there after Summerian extinction. I just told shiptars are not Illyrians. Illyrains asimilated in Slavs, and that is all. We are Slavs, by culture by blood by anything else. But dont go in simplifications, our cultures have lot of elemnts from all oter cultures we interacted over millenias. 
Illyrian movement was pan-Slavic, they mistakenlly believed Illyrians were Slavs. I really dont see what is point of discussion.

To read what you posted, and see if I agree :)

– I do


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