Yep i agree with SitňaN, we all have our pros and cons considering this impression. Russia maybe is the largest Slavic country with a lot of media promotion in this world thus most see it as a uber-slavic land or whatever but in reality each of our countries have an incredibly rich Slavic folklore, traditions and million little things which makes us unique…so it's usually enough to come to some lone village and when you realize how much Slavic paganism is lived there on a daily basis it could impress you.

I think that problem is the Russian population number and TV…same as other Germanic nations get overshadowed by Germany in the same sense it's with us here…one Norway or Sweden have a strong folk Germanic culture and might be the cradle of it but on the end of the day everybody looks Germany as some kind of Germanic culture standard…i think similar thing is happening here…

thought for the sake of the question, i'd answer Ukraine maybe. This isn't based on some facts but just mere plain impression. But Croatian Zagorje, Međimurje, Gorski kotar, north Lika and Slavonia cannot look and be more Slavic then they are tbh, while Dalmatia is heavily Romance in architecture but that is cool on a some way as well, Slavic-Roman architecture symbiosis, unique if nothing else.


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