Yes of course, Germany is recalled in the first place when referring to Germans in general. A agree with you on Scots also with addition that Lowlanders also have great influx of Saxon blood.
According to the map of England, here comes a little correction: East Anglia (and Kent) are even called so because these lands were settled by the Angles, the other Germanic tribe, And Saxons settled what was later called Essex, Sussex and Wessex. And of courese, after Canute the Great’s unification the Normanns also added a great deal od Scandinavian blood into the mix. So Celtic element (culturally and ethnically) should be mainly limited to Cornwall and Wales and to NorthernScottish Highlands.
So, whatever, my message only says: while referring to Germans, don’t forget the English all the same.  ;D
The Franks were also Western Germanic tribe but the modern French are more inclined to their Gaellic (Celtic) ancestry.