I welcome 100% Slavs, being from one nation or mix of few Slavic ones – irrelevant.
I welcome lets say 50/25/1% Slavs and rest of percentage European(AngloSaxon/Germanic/Scandinavian etc).
I welcome 0% Slav 100% European in seeking of knowledge about our culture and Slavs in general.

I do not welcome (I will be polite this time), Africans, Afro-Americans, Jews, Arabians, Asians … rest of the world outside white Europe.
Why? I sincerely doubt they will even want to learn something from this site, but if in some wild dream they would knock our door, what do they had to offer to subject of preserving Slavonic race and preserving our heritage?

I am alrdy rly liberal towards our brother Slavs who unfortunatly embraced Arab/Jewish religions, if they cant see it as a threat, ok so be it.
Thats not my decision to make and if it was our forum would have few members only. But thus other things above I wrote, that is my view how things here should be, simplified.


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