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I need to say something that bothers me and I cant stay silent. We Slavs ( we are not exceptions though) sometimes behave hypocritical, this with Hungary is a perfect example. What is the difference between some lands that were under Hungarians for 1 000 years and that have been stolen by "international community" and Kosovo? Is Kosovo Serbia? Should Serbia repossess Kosovo? I think it should but also think that some territories need to go back to Hungarians. The best example is Vojvodina, it is 100 % equivalent to Kosovo. Serbs settled there in the same time when Sqiptars settled Kosovo, they lived in that areas, grew in population and then took the land. Or, it is OK when Serbs  steal the land from others but it is wrong when someone takes from them? Please dont start to talk about how Slavs were there before Hungarians etc. we are talking about nations. We don't say "Kosovo is Slavic" but "Kosovo is Serbia", right? 


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