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I need to say something that bothers me and I cant stay silent. We Slavs ( we are not exceptions though) sometimes behave hypocritical, this with Hungary is a perfect example. What is the difference between some lands that were under Hungarians for 1 000 years and that have been stolen by "international community" and Kosovo? Is Kosovo Serbia? Should Serbia repossess Kosovo? I think it should but also think that some territories need to go back to Hungarians. The best example is Vojvodina, it is 100 % equivalent to Kosovo. Serbs settled there in the same time when Sqiptars settled Kosovo, they lived in that areas, grew in population and then took the land. Or, it is OK when Serbs  steal the land from others but it is wrong when someone takes from them? Please dont start to talk about how Slavs were there before Hungarians etc. we are talking about nations. We don't say "Kosovo is Slavic" but "Kosovo is Serbia", right?  

Two absolutely different examples. While Kosovo in Serbian possession was settled/invaded only in recent time, Vojvodina was gradually settled centuries ago as a "nobody's land" (War Frontier) [only sparsely populated by Serbians] after the pushback of Ottoman Empire. As an empty land it drawn people from north (Hungarians, Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns etc.) who wanted to escape the yoke of nobility that choked them. Thusly Vojvodina was made a multiethnic piece of land, with great cultural value.
Ceding the territory to Hungarian state would destroy its cultural heritage, as minorities in Hungary have only little cultural rights.
Actually Hungarians are known to be very assimilationist.
Do not forget: "TOT NEM EMBER" = "Slovak is no human".
Everybody who lives in Hungary is Hungarian and must speak Hungarian language, according to them. While Hungarians living in countries around (Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, etc.) have broad spectrum of cultural minority rights, they are still supposed to be "oppressed" (but nobody ever specifies how are they oppressed) just because they are Hungarians (= ubermenschen) and "deserve more". Anyhow are their cultural rights improved, paprika nationalists always demand more (remember Hitler?).

And discussing this (discussing anything) with Hungarians tends to lead to nothing because they always repeat the same and are usually obnoxious with it.
My uncle had a Hungarian wife, she and her family could talk and speak and scream and cry about anything 24/7 ever, without shutting their mouths for even a minute! It caused headache! Just constant flow of blablablablablablablablabla, if you do not see and hear it, you willl not believe…

Sitňan: In Hungarian language, Hungarian and Magyar is the same (Magyar). Everybody who lives in Hungary is Hungarian (= Magyar) [= ubermensch].

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