While Kosovo in Serbian possession was settled/invaded only in recent time, Vojvodina was gradually settled centuries ago as a "nobody's land" (War Frontier) [only sparsely populated by Serbians] after the pushback of Ottoman Empire. As an empty land it drawn people from north (Hungarians, Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns etc.) who wanted to escape the yoke of nobility that choked them

First of all, when talking about Serbian and albanian settlements we are talking roughly about the same period. Serbs moved from south Serbia ( Kosovo and surroundings) to the north, that is, in future Vojvodina. Albanians took their place. Same thing with Magyars, they retreated in front of Turks and Serbs started to be the main ethnic group in the area. Recent time in this case is some 400 years ago. Find on the internet when did Albanians started to grow in Kosovo.

Do not forget: "TOT NEM EMBER" = "Slovak is no human".

I will not. Nobody is saying that Magyars are some perfect human beings but that we must take a pattern and follow it. I was not, by the way, speaking about Slovakia cause I dont know much about your situation. I am focusing on Vojvodina, there I have my facts straight.

they are still supposed to be "oppressed" (but nobody ever specifies how are they oppressed) just because they are Hungarians (= ubermenschen) and "deserve more". Anyhow are their cultural rights improved, paprika nationalists always demand more (remember Hitler?).

Every group behaves that way, in general. The way you described their behavior its like you described Serbian attitude. Oppressed "heavenly" people who is always right. That is childish. I repeat, if Kosovo is Serbian then Vojvodina is Hungarian. both "situations" are caused by Serbian movements to the north, they settled Hungarian areas and left Kosovo which was inhabited by Albanians. 


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