But Kosovo is not Serbian anymore. The same – Vojvodina is not Hungarian anymore. Ceding this territory to Hungary would mean:
– a great economic loss for Serbia
– destroying cultural richness of Vojvodina (not only assimilation of Serbs, but also of Rusyns and Slovaks with their unique dialects)
– a great encouragement for paprikas, they will demand more and more

BTW, Hungary was created by Stephen I.  who fought his own kin. He was allied with Germans and local Slavic dukes.

Whole this Hungarian madness of "Great Revival" was created in 20th century by Horthy to gain popularity among Hungarians, and support for war, ethnic cleansings and killings (Rongyosgárda – ragged guard, prisoners unleashed from prisons, armed and sent to murder, kill and spread terror in territories that Hungary captured in 1938).
What we have now are latent remnants of this idiocy, fueled by the fact that Hungarian government needs to divert attention of Hungarians from their catastrophic economic situation and drastic measures they are doing.


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