But Kosovo is not Serbian anymore. The same – Vojvodina is not Hungarian anymore

This actually is my point. The fact is that Kosovo now is not Serbian but we all support Serbian claims on it, right?
I am personally doing that because of two things, Serbs are Slavic neighbors but, first of all,  its righteous.
The only thing that separates me from someone else with the same view is that I am ready to follow one way of thinking for everyone, not only one side. I am applying the same concept in the same situations, understand?

You don't need to explain to me what is like to be in front of someone with imperialistic goals. I survived the last war which ended 16 years ago and Serbian chauvinists took everything from me, my home and a good portion of my life. but still, I am not blaming Serbs for everything, there is no such a thing as a 100 % victim. That is populist ideology.  


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