To Undead :

So-called Little War

That's good to have an opinion from the other side from Hungary (though it's not that other side which is expected).

Stephen I (holy they call) came to the throne by germanic allies…

Which ones? Names of aristocrats Poznaň and Hunt don't sound Germanic at all. They helped Stephen I to come to power and they left significant Slovak aristocratic lineages here as e. g.  the Diviackovci (in Magyar form Divéky) family line, Majténi (Mathényi), Motešický, Rudnay family line etc. In fact there were many Slovak aristocratic families which, of course, belonged to Natio Hungarica like the other ones (Magyar, German, Croatian etc.).

They every year showing Stephens mumificalled right hand… Some interesting fact, that old Hungarians had a custom: cutting the right hand of the traitors…

Very interesting. But in that time, contests for power were usual therefore I don't blame Stephen I. But I don't consider him to be saint.. actually any human is not saint in my eyes. He was just a so-called 'climber' in pope's Rome.


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