Serbian folk songs and some academics too. But they are in the minority.

Apparently he switched sides at the Battle of Kosovo and fought against Serbia.

I dont know for any historian in last 130 years who is supporting that story. Epic poetry does show him as traitor, but not for switching sides. They accuse him for not engaging Turks in deciding moment, after Serbian counterattack started losing moment.

„Маче војску Српски кнез Лазаре,
У Лазе је силни Србаљ био,
Седамдесет и седам иљада,
Па разгоне по Косову Турке,
Не даду се ни гледати Турком,
Да камо ли бојак бити с Турци;
Тад' би Лаза надвладао Турке,
Бог убио Вука Бранковића!
Он издаде таста на Косову;
Тада Лазу надвладаше Турци“

and here:

„А што питаш за проклетог Вука,
Проклет био и ко га родио!
Проклето му племе и кољено!
Он издаде цара на Косову
И одведе дванаест хиљада,
Госпо моја љутог оклопника.“

History tell us battle was statlemate or even Serbian tactical victory. But Serbian ruler was dead, his heir was 15 year old, Serbian feudal lords were divided even more than before battle. King Tvrtko of Bosna was engaged on other fronts, other son-in law of Prince Lazar, Đurađ Staratimirović Balšić became Turkish vasal, all that made Serbian position really hard. So Princess Milica and Patriarch Jefrem sued for peace. Sultan Bayazit demanded tribute, last of Lazar's daugthers and military support in further wars. Since startegicaly looking Serbs lost battle, this was defeat.
On other hand Serbs did not lost their State. Serbia proper fell under Turks 1459, last Strongholds fell 1496.
We for sure knew that in bazzlr participated Serbian feudal lords Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović and his son-in-law Vuk Branković, also Tvrtko I sent strong detachment under command of duke Vlatko Vuković. There was small contigent of Croatian heavy cavalry.


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