I see. Thanks for the info. Anyway i always have problems with Moravska Srbija and Raška. I often thinked Moravska Srbija is modern Vojvodina while Raška is central Serbia but now i see it is different. I wanna see precise maps of these historical regions (realms).

Original territory of Rascia could be described as Serbian area east from river Drina. By some historians, king Budimir Svetopelek also divided country on coastal side (Maritima) and Hinterland (Zagorje, Transmotana).
Or as it is written in the chronicle of Doclean priest: "Surbiam autem quae et Transmontana dicitur, in duas divisit provinciam: unam a magna flumine Drina contra occidentalem palagam usque and montem Pini, quam et Bosnam vocavit, alteram vero ab eodem flumine Drina contra orientalem plagam usque ad Lapiam et [ad paludem Labeatidem], quam Rassam vocavit".
Bosna and Rascia have common name Surbia.



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