So Moravska was part of Raška but over time when local lords became more selfish so Moravska Srbija developed seperately and hence Raška didnt exist anymore?

Raška ceased to exist somewhere in XIII century. It was main princedom, but after establishemnt of Kingdom, Rulers started to call themselves: краль вьсемь Срьблѥмь и Поморию. Bosnian ban Matej call them kings of Raška in order to show he is also Serb, and they dont have monopoly on national name. (и ако се разьратите сь кралемь рашки). Moravska Srbija is generic name given to Laza'rs domain which became new nucleus of Serbia. It was Serbia from 1377 to 1456, gathered under rule of Lazarevići and later Brankovići (descendants of Vuk Branković).


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