@aaaaa Well, if you’re gonna burn anyone, it might as well be a German – at least you wouldn’t have to suffer the psychological trauma of hearing them scream, since they’re mute and all that.

@Karpivna Is it A spell in time?
As for the “arrows” (more like darts, actually) – here is how they look and how they’re thrown. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if actual fire arrows (shot from a bow or samostrel) were used in the distant past. Anyway, different regions have different forms of this ritual – f.e. in some places young, unmarried men aim to throw them in the yards of the girls they like and, respectively, the girl in whose yard are found the most “arrows” is also considered the most desired girl in the village. In other cases people throw them just for health and blessings, dedicating each “arrow” by shouting who is it for while throwing it (respectively, in some places there’s a specific order – f.e. first is for God, second is for the beloved girl, third is for parents etc).

Btw, @Sviatogor, it’s interesting that in Bulgarian -mar(a) is no longer associated with dreaming – our word for sleeping dream is сън (săn), while a waking dream is мечта (mechta). The only case where -mar is retained is in кошмар (koshmar), i.e. nightmare (just as the -mare in the English nightmare also comes from the same root, but is no longer understood on its own). Otherwise, Mara is simply short for Maria.


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